Wire Balustrade Rig Fork System with Saddles BLACK

Wire Balustrade - Rig Fork System with Saddles - Black

Is another of our most versatile systems. It is suitable for use with timber posts or metal posts and is great for both straight sections and stair sections. Tension is created on the wire by rotation of the rigging screw body. Tightening the nuts against the body of the rigging screw locks the system in place.

• is suitable for use with timber posts and metal posts
• is great for both flat and stair sections
• Requires factory hydraulic swaging
• AWR can factory swage balustrade wires to your exact lengths. Order before 2pm for next business day pick up or dispatch.

• Wires are pre-manufactured to your exact lengths
• Extremely quick and simple installation 
• Uses ultra-bright and sleek 1 x 19 wire rope
• All fittings made from high quality 316 grade stainless steel
• This system is suitable for both flat and stair sections

1 x BS-312T-532 - Rigging Screw Jaw - Swage 316 grade M5 3.2m Wire
1 x BS-7803-03 - Fork Terminal - Swage 316grade 3.2mm Wire
2 x BS-322-05 - 5mm Saddle (Eye Strap) - 316 Grade
4 x BSTCP81148 x 1 1/4" Countersunk Head Self Tapper - 304 Grade (Timber posts only)
4 x BSDCP0822 - Self Drilling Screws - 304 Grade (Metal Posts Only)
2 x S03 - Cut and Factory Swage (Additional Cost)
BWRS119316-032 - 3.2mm 1 x 19 Wire Rope 316 Grade (Additonal cost Charged per Metre)

Exclusively available through AWR Solutions our BlackEtch process offers a unique, stylish, and durable finish to your wire balustrade system. Etched into the surface of the fittings and wire our BlackEtch process offers a smooth black finish with superior corrosion resistance. To see this great finish for yourself we recommend ordering a free sample here.

AWR Solutions only recommends the use our own internal factory swaging system when purchasing the BlackEtch range of hardware and wire rope. Alternative Swaging procedures will not be covered under AWR Solutions standard product warranty.


Wire Balustrade - FAQ’s


Q: What are the best Wire Balustrade posts for the Wire Balustrade - Rig Fork System with Saddles?


A: Wire Balustrade - Rig Fork System with Saddles is suitable for use with Timber posts


Q: Is this product suitable for Flat Balustrade or Stair Balustrade?


A: Wire Balustrade - Rig Fork System with Saddles is suitable for both flat and stair sections


Q: How long does it take for my wires to be manufactured?


A: If your order is confirmed by 2pm we will have your wires manufactured and ready for dispatch or pick-up the following business day.


Q: What hole size do I need in my posts for the Rig Fork Wire Balustrade System with Saddles?


A: For your intermediate posts, an 8mm hole will be required to pass the threaded terminal through.


Note: if you are using split grommets (106874FB or 106874FS) you will require an 11/32” hole (8.73mm ) in your intermediate posts.



Q: Can I use this system for Stairs?


A: Yes, the Fork ends will naturally pivot to the angle of your stairs on the saddles.


Q: What measurements are required for the Wire Balustrade Rig Fork System with Saddles?


A: Please give us your inside post to inside post measurements between your connection posts and we will take care of the rest.


Q: What is the maximum length I can use with the Wire Balustrade Rig Fork System with Saddles?


A: The maximum recommended span between connection posts for this system is 10 metres.


Q: What size and type of wire should I use for this Wire Balustrade System?


A: As with all factory made systems we recommend using 3.2mm 1x19 wire. The fittings are hydraulically pressed onto the wire for a super streamline system.


Q: Do I need any special tools to install this Wire Balustrade System?


A: You will need a power drill, drill bits, drive bits and an adjustable spanner. We also recommend purchasing a C spanner for tensioning the rigging Screws for easier installation.


Q: How do my wires arrive to me?


A: All wires are bundled per section and labelled with your measurements for quick installation on site.


Q: Can I run my Wire Balustrade around corners?


A: We strongly advise against bending your wire around corners and angled sections. This can fatigue the wire over time as well as damage to your posts (especially timber). Wires should be terminated at each corner and end post.


Q: How many runs of wire do I need for my Balustrade?


A: To comply with Australian NCC regulations most wire balustrades will require 80mm spacing between your wires when your intermediate posts are no more than 1500mm apart. We highly recommend reading the Wire Balustrade Regulations Help section of our website prior to ordering.

More Questions? No problem, just send us an email at sales@awrsolutions.com.au or give us a call on 1300 781 266 and we would be happy to help.


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