Wire Balustrade Quote Instructions


Our easy-to-use quoting tool will guide you through the steps required to choose and quote the Wire Balustrade System to suit your job. After completing the steps below, you can simply purchase by adding to cart, email or save the quote to your customer portal.

If this is the first time using our calculator, we recommend that you read the below so that you will have everything you need to in order to get started and complete your quote successfully.  Otherwise, if you are ready to get started please click HERE 

What you will need to know prior to using the quoting tool: 
- What type of post material you are connecting to I.e. timber or metal
- The measurements between your connection posts 
- The height of your handrail to the underside or the number of wires you require

Our online tool will take you through the following steps, click on each of the below for detailed instructions.

Select in the tool, If you have a timber of metal post 

Select your layout from Flat sections, Stair sections or both Flat and Stair Sections. 

Based on your Post type & Layout, the most suitable range of Wire Balustrade Systems are displayed for you to select from.

Number of Wires required: This is how many rows of wires you need per section of the Wire Balustrade. To help save you time and to avoid any confusion, you can select to use the number of wires based on the NCC Wire regulations. There is also an option to skip this step if you already know exactly how many wires you require per section.

Please Note: To use the NCC Wire regulations you will need to have your height measurements ready from your deck to the underside of your handrail ready. After you enter that measurement, the correct number of wires based on the NCC regulations will be selected for you.   

Section Lengths. To complete this you need to enter in the Inside-to-Inside post measurements as displayed below. This is so that we can determine the length of the wires you need per section. You have the option to add in multiple sections (with different length if needed).

Add to cart, email or save your Quote. That’s it, you have successfully completed your online quote and you are ready to checkout and buy online if you wish. 
More Questions? No problem, just send us an email at sales@awrsolutions.com.au, , give us a call on 1300 781 266 or use our live chat during business hours and we would be happy to help.