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Glass Pool Fencing in Brisbane

At AWR Solutions we provide a wide range of wholesale products. While we are known as one of the leading wire rope suppliers and balustrade hardware manufactures in Australia, many of our most popular products are made of glass.

Whether you are looking for glass fencing or glass balustrade systems, we have the all the necessities in stock for fast order deliveries. With our flexible offerings and exceptional customer service, our clients include both small and large companies, distributors and retailers alike.

When you require glass pool fencing solutions, we are the leading Australian experts who supply a broad range of glass balustrade and panel options. We understand you rely on our products to complete custom projects for your clients and we guarantee to provide quality glass balustrading systems to ensure your clients are satisfied.

No matter the development and installation space, we can provide tailored glass pool fencing cut-outs that are suitable for landscaping, rock work, sloping and steep areas. As your glass balustrading specialists, we know the best ways to effectively implement glass balustrade and glass pool fencing to meet your client needs.

If you require customised glass products and panels, our fully stocked facility has a bandsaw, coldsaw and welding equipment to custom cut for any job. We have provided our customers with tubes cut to size, welded base plates, and much more.

This is what separates AWR Solutions from other Australian balustrade manufacturers - the ability to listen to your requirements and do everything in our power to custom cut your glass products and panels, quickly and efficiently. If you are having a hard time sourcing what you require to fulfil client needs regarding glass products and materials, contact us and ask about our personalised orders.

Why Use Glass Balustrade for Pool Fencing

By Australian law, all pools must have a form of enclosed fencing. This means finding suitable pool fencing options that you can supply to clients which meet safety and security standards.

Our glass panels and products are made to look good and stay strong. Glass pool fencing is a tried and tested alternative to typical fencing materials. Glass pool fencing also looks stylish and modern, contributing to a sense of space and transparency to the enclosed space. It combines a refined, contemporary look with a safe perimeter that is enclosed and secure. It’s perfect for adding that extra wow factor to a pool area, and many clients are surprised to see how sleek and stylish the finished product looks when a new glass pool fence is installed.

The Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

With so many pool fencing options out there, it can be hard for your clients to decide on the best option for them. If you are having a hard time convincing your client that glass balustrading is the best solution, make the process easy for your client by listing the following benefits glass pool fencing has to offer.


Have peace of mind knowing your children are playing in the pool area safely when you have glass pool fencing installed. Thanks to its transparency, you can easily look through the glass from the other side of the fence to check on the little ones. Glass pool fencing is ideal for residential properties with families who may have kids going in and out of the pool all day long. Knowing exactly what is going on in the pool clearly and easily can be a godsend for parents.

Unobstructed Views

The other benefit of using transparent fencing is it also allows for unobstructed views. With certain commercial premises like hotels, glass fencing may be a necessity. For example, if a pool is located on top of a high rise building or apartment, or if you live in a location with stunning surroundings, glass pool fencing allows you to take full advantage of the gorgeous views.


There is no doubt that glass pool fencing looks great due to its simplistic design. Using glass also creates a different atmosphere to a pool enclosure over metallic materials. Depending on the current exterior design, glass pool fencing may simply fit better into a client’s particular aesthetic choices.

Strong and Durable

Your clients want pool fencing that lasts, and the glass we supply is certainly made with this in mind. Strong and durable, glass pool fencing doesn’t rust over time, which is a worthwhile advantage, especially in areas with high sea winds and the potential for salt corrosion. Because glass is also highly resistant to water, it makes it an ideal material for pool fencing.

Glass Pool Fencing Brisbane Products & Materials

With the large variety of solutions we offer at AWR, glass pool fencing is among one of our most popular product ranges. This is because the glass balustrading we have available is of the highest quality with sleek design choices available to choose from that will really impress your clients.

Glass pool fencing is becoming exceedingly popular as a way to enclose pool areas in both commercial and residential properties. Not only can they stand out compared to traditional metal fences, but when dealing with a supplier like AWR solutions, you can trust that the product is of excellent quality and very affordable.

With a selection ranging from framed, semi-framed and frameless, glass pool fencing can suit multiple design styles, enhancing the look and appeal of an outdoor area, patio or deck.

Better yet, working with AWR solutions ensures you will find the glass pool fencing that perfectly suits the design and installation requirements of the premises you're working on.

The glass panels we use are toughened for extra durability, so they are harder to crack and are not susceptible to easy damage. For windy destinations, our glass is also built with extensive wind protection. We want you to have total confidence that the glass products we stock will not only look great for your client base, but they will be reliable and well suited for their intended applications.

Need more than just glass panels and fencing? We also provide leading hardware used in glass pool fencing, stocked to go and ready for quick order turnarounds.

Our goal is to be the all-inclusive glass balustrade and glass pool fencing experts, offering everything needed in one place for your clients and their properties. We are committed to satisfying your glass pool fencing needs so you can exceed your client objectives in a way that is cost effective and provides a stunning result that is also highly practical for its intended purpose.

You can be certain only the top of the line glass fencing products and materials are stocked by AWR solutions. Whatever the desire, let us know! Tailored orders to fit custom projects is what we do best and our friendly staff are more than happy to have an obligation free chat with you, regarding our glass balustrade and glass fencing selection.

If you’re in real estate construction, property management or another similar industry and need to pick up high quality glass products for pool fencing at a good price, contact our friendly staff who are happy to have a chat with you.

Our Glass Pool Fence Products

With the endless options we have available, we make it easy to have fully customisable glass fences for any pool. No matter the challenge or your concerns, speak with us directly to see if we can provide assistance in getting you the right products for your jobs. While more specific information is available by looking through our extensive online catalogue, as an overview, here are some of the main components that we offer:

  • Glass Panels: This is the main part of any glass fence, so make sure you get something that is sturdy and dependable. We have panels that are 12mm thick for maximum security and durability which is toughened glass and ideal for frameless applications.

    As glass balustrade industry specialists, we can use our knowledge and expertise to assist you in making the right glass panel selection. If you are unsure what may best to suit client expectations, we can help. We have the tools in place to cut panels to fit most custom dimensions and projects, supplying wholesale products that will work for your target market.

  • Glass Gates: No fence would be complete without a gate. Our glass gates look great and function well, working perfectly in tandem with our range of framed, semi-framed and frameless glass balustrade fencing choices. They are available in 8mm thickness for easy swinging. They are also available in 12mm thickness for use with premium soft-close hinges.

  • Latches: We also carry latches that are specifically designed for glass-to-glass, glass-to-round, and glass-to-wall setups. We have both 90-degree internal and external fit latches for corner fixing applications.

    Safety is particularly important with glass pool gate latches. We understand this, which is why you can trust that our child-proof and lockable latches work first time, every time and surpass the pool safety requirements set by Australian law.

  • Hinges: Depending on the look you are going for, you might want glass hinges, stainless steel hinges or something else entirely. We carry a wide range of hinges to give our customers a lot of flexibility. Whether you need round base plate spigots, square core drill spigots, square base plate spigots or round core drill spigots, we have you covered.

    We also have rubber gaskets, stainless steel offset handrails, glass clamps, and much more.

Contact us today to learn more about our glass pool fencing products. We would be happy to answer any specific questions, offer recommendations or provide you with a no-obligation price quote.

You can reach us on 07 3902 2660 or by sending us an online message. See how we can provide your client base with premium glass pool fencing from the glass balustrade experts, AWR Solutions today!

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