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Balustrade Systems

Glass and Stainless Steel Balustrade Products

  • Next Day Turnaround on Standard Systems
  • DIY Systems Available
  • Fast Turnaround on Factory Made Systems

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We have a range of systems to suit any design, needs and requirements. With the implementation of our new automated cutting machine we now offer next day turn around on our standard balustrading systems.

Get quality wire stainless steel balustrade products, made with only the highest of quality with AWR Solutions!

DIY Systems 1 and 2 are available off the shelf for immediate collection or delivery.

For factory made systems if your order is placed by 2pm we will have it ready for collection or dispatch by close of business the next working day. This applies to our standard factory made wire balustrading systems and quantities. Other systems manufacturing times may vary.

Please contact our friendly staff for lead times on non-standard quantities or systems and we will do our best to work within your time frames. All we need from you is the inside* of post measurements and which system you require and we will do the rest.

*NB System 3A Requires outside of post measurements.

Stainless Steel Balustrade Systems

Wire & Stainless steel balustrade designs are popular choices when selecting balustrades for residential and commercial settings. It is a very durable material, containing a chemical element called chromium that protects the metal and gives it a smooth, lustrous finish.

Our stainless steel wire rope and hardware offers considerable advantages over aluminium balustrade systems. There is a reason stainless steel is increasing in popularity every year over other types of metal, and it is to do with the many benefits it provides.

Stainless steels are highly resistant to damage, impact damage and environment elements. We supply stainless wire rope and hardware that is highly heat and corrosion resistant. This includes protecting and withstanding damages from many acids, bases, detergents and salt water.

Another key benefit of stainless steel is that it does not rust when scratched, and is low maintenance to look after, being very easy to clean. Therefore, it perfect in areas that have strict hygiene conditions. Aluminium is not as sturdy as stainless steel, being lighter, which means the extra strength offered by stainless steel can be useful if the wire balustrading system is interacting with other objects. This can include heavy plant life like vines.

Most importantly, it has fantastic aesthetic appeal providing a modern and attractive appearance, especially when combined with timber, glass and other architectural finishes. The styling options of stainless steel provides a robust, eye-catching look and feel, over cheaper alternatives such as aluminium.

Wire Stainless Steel Balustrade Solutions

There are many practical uses for employing a wire balustrade system. Some are for practical applications while others are used purely for creative and visual charm.

AWR supplies streamline system choices for next day order turnarounds. We can also supply clients more in-depth, custom cut solutions to fulfil your balustrade project conditions.

The following are some common purposes wire balustrading is applied to:

Patios and Decking

Wire balustrading around the exterior perimeter of a patio or deck can provide a unique, engaging look, which gives off a great sense of space. It offers an unobtrusive barrier, which is safe and low maintenance to care for. A stainless steel balustrade can be the ideal cost effective answer because it truly lasts outdoors and seldom needs replacing like other materials over time.


Utilising a wire balustrade system for your balcony has the core benefit of providing full access to your lovely views, without materials or substances blocking the scenery. With wire balustrade fixtures and hardware available that can be tightened as wire tension drops, you can be assured of continually safety that fulfils Australian building standards.


A stainless steel balustrade installation provides an innovative approach to creating a staircase, with different design options available to produce a stunning, distinctive look and result. It offers a professional, clean appearance that can be applied effectively for both straight and cornering staircases and handrails.

Glass Balustrade Systems

AWR are your glass balustrade systems specialists, offering a range of choices for glass fencing and glass pool fencing, balconies or staircases. When you need cost effective, glass product solutions let us at AWR and our professional team assist in achieving a sleek, modern glass design at your residential or commercial property.

Just like stainless steel wire, glass balustrade systems can be implemented to provide clear, unobstructed views for when other materials would get in the way. They can be combined with other metals and timber to offer a stylish, transparent design, while at the same time, a safe boundary that is suitable for most perimeters.

They are increasingly becoming the common choice for pools, with glass pool fencing looking fantastic. With several architectural designs to choose from, it’s very hard to go wrong when deciding to use glass to encase your pool with.

With pool fencing being an Australian requirement by law and needed especially if young children are in the proximity of the area, glass balustrading can be the ideal alternative to traditional types of fencing. Better yet, it is resistant to water damage and allows you to see into the pool area, which is great peace of mind for an adult with young kids.

A glass pool fence can also be attached to almost any surface including, including tiles, pavers and concrete. It can also be installed to a deck as long as the correct fixtures are used and can even be embedded in a garden by using concrete pads.

When it comes to balconies and staircases, glass balustrades systems are enticing for more reasons than simply providing a feel of space and attractive, refined appeal. For outdoor environments, glass is extremely convenient to clean, and is usually easy to maintain over longer periods of time, than conventional balcony materials such as aluminium. Other inconveniences such as damage from water/rain, mould and rot are non-issues when selecting a glass balustrade system - and there certainly is no chance of termites!

Glass Fencing and Glass Products for Multiple Applications

We stock only the best glass products, maintaining the highest level quality that is sourced from world leading manufacturers. All glass frames from AWR are polished to a high sheen and reinforced for extra safety and durability.

While offering a huge range for all your glass balustrading needs and can tailor cut, glass panels to fit when you require customisation for your glass applications. Below are the three main glass product styles we offer:


As the name suggests, framed glass balustrading systems are surrounded by frames made from a chosen metal or material of choice. They surround each glass frame as it is installed along the fencing, balcony or staircase railing perimeter.

Semi Framed

The feel and attractive appeal of a frame glass system but at a more cost effective price. Semi framed glass balustrades are usually only framed between each sheet of glass. They are raised from the ground, with no framing installed along the top and bottom of the glass surface.


When it comes to frameless glass systems, the glass it sits by itself providing a genuinely unique presence in a home, office or building. Exuding a sense of opulence and sophistication that can only come from using only glass, frameless glass balustrade systems are popular in ultramodern, contemporary architecture and feature pieces.

Glass Hardware

With any of the three design choices above, we have a broad range of hardware, specifically made for glass balustrades, glass fences and glass pool fences. This category includes latches, hinges and clamps that are used to link and secure glass frames.

With top quality stainless steel hardware made for glass balustrading, such a pins, spigots and offset handrails in multiple square and round variations, you will find everything conveniently located in one place for your next glass project when dealing with AWR.

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